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Mass Attack Chocolate

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Mass Attack Chocolate

Weight Gainer Sizeandsymmetry Mass Attack is a Weight Gainer and contains the highest qualitative and most useable nutrients the human body needs for muscular growth and strength. Sizeandsymmetry Mass Attack supports and promotes anabolic processes in your body. The energy will be provided espescially by different types of carbohydrates. Dextrose serves an immediate source of energy for weight training and burned glycogen. Maltodextrin is a moderate fast carbohydrate and reduces the overall glycemic index. Fructose stimulates the natural release of insulin after ingestion and quick supply of energy. The Whey Protein concentrate source, provided in Sizeandsymmetry Mass Attack, is a quick absorbable Protein, ideally suited regeneration after training and the repair of muscle cells. Sizeandsymmetry Mass Attack is enriched with Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA).



Dietary Supplement | Instant Powder
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Recommended Direction Mix 3 Scoops (80 g) of Sizeandsymmetry Mass Attack into 300 ml of water or milk in a blender. Take 1 serving immediately after workout. A second serving use as a meal replacement during the day or between meals.


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