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Creatine 250



Creatine 250

Creatine Monohydrate Sizeandsymmetry Creatine 250 (Creapure®) supports energy metabolism and increases significantly improved performance with an effectively maximum increase of muscular mass and strength.



Dietary Supplement | Instant Powder
250 g


Recommended Direction Week 1: To accelerate Creatine saturation in your muscles, take 20 g of Sizeandsymmetry Creatine 250 for 1 week (4×5 g per day). Week 2-4: Take 5-10 g of Sizeandsymmetry Creatine 250 for 3 weeks (2×5 g per day). Take 5 g half an hour before your workout and another 5 g immediately after your workout. For better usability of Creatine, combine with simple sugars (Juice, Dextrose, Glucose).


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