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October 14th 11:00 am I walked on stage and we started posing. It was juniors bodybuilding category. I was in the first call out. It meant I was in the finals. When they told me that I placed second I could not believe it. I was happy like never before. Read more
Sizeandsymmetry Science
by Martin Manovsky

Seated arm curls. Standing arm curls. This is what arm curls exercise stand for. It’s not a secret if I let you know that we can do much more to our workout routine to make it more fun and entertaining. Here are 5 arm curls routines for bigger biceps! Read more
Sizeandsymmetry Science
by Akos Horvath

As a professional athlete, competing in the category of Classic Bodybuilding, it is immensely important to have strong and highly developed quadriceps, to stand out in the line up. I will show my quadriceps workout and will explain how to train them the best possible way. Read more
Sizeandsymmetry Science
by Maximilian Felsch

I would like to share my knowledge about gaining muscles and how to successfully gain of muscles with a minimizing of gaining fat. I will show you how I do this. This should be seen as an inspiration how to start with your gaining phase. Read more
Sizeandsymmetry Science
by Martin Manovsky

I think it is no surprise that almost 90% people in the gym do low intensity trainings, at least what I observed. In bodybuilding »High Intensity« is the key to success. You are not a powerlifter, but a bodybuilder. You have to stress your muscles as much as possible. Read more
Sizeandsymmetry Science
by Martin Manovsky

The importance of sleep for athletes
by Jens Riester

Sleep occurs in a recurring cycle. The quality and amount of sleep does have a large impact on sports performance. This article will show you the importance of sleep to perform better in the gym and gain more muscles. Let’s start how sleep works.

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Breakfast ideas for lean bulking
by Jan Tyrk

Running out of breakfast ideas? 

Try these recipes! 4 examples of easy-to-prepare breakfast. Good for bulking, lean bulking and getting shredded! I use them each morning and I got quite addicted.

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Mindblowing muscle pumps
by Sizeandsymmetry

Sizeandsymmetry Impact III is an enhanced, pre-workout N.O. Booster, featuring a powerful vasodilation-matric of 3+1 active agents: L-Arginine (AKG), L-Citrulline, Beta Alanine and Creatine Monohydrate.

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Wide shoulders signify strength and do characterize the image of the powerful male physique. Shoulders do shape the overall appearance of the v-shaped figure and do highlight a tiny waist. Shoulder muscles are also called deltoid muscles or delts. They make a significant impact, which can’t be hidden. So, we shouldn’t take them lightly. Read more…
Vitamin B12
Impact, Form, Dose & Side Effects
by David Rieger
Hardcore Legs
Hard And Pumping Leg Exercises
by Pavel Koukal
3 Steps To Success
The 100% Bodybuilding Lifestyle
by Kevin Knapp


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