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Sizeandsymmetry is a science. Nutrition, mass gaining, dieting and training principles are no creeds, but science mechanisms to a healthy and aesthetic lifestyle. With the knowledge and experiences of our athletes, we provide valuable tips and a source of success.

I think it is no surprise that almost 90% people in the gym do low intensity trainings, at least what I observed. In bodybuilding is »High Intensity« the key to success. You have to realize that you are not a powerlifter, but a bodybuilder. You have to stress your muscles as much as possible. Your goal is not to build strength as powerlifters with long breaks between sets. You want to build your muscles and that is what a lot of people don’t understand. They think that when they build strength they also improve muscles. That is not true. You can have 75 kilograms body weight and pull 250 kg on deadlift. So when you want to build your muscles, use longer pauses only in first exercise about 1-2 minutes, for example bench press, squat, deadlift, military press and only in gaining season. Other exercises you should turn off your brain and work hard and fast as possible. Of course with the correct technique… Read more

Running out of breakfast ideas? 

Try these recipes! 4 examples of easy-to-prepare breakfast. Good for bulking, lean bulking and getting shredded! I use them each morning and I got quite addicted. Read more…
In this article I would like to share my knowledge about gaining muscles and how to successfully gain muscles with a minimizing of fat gaining. Read more…
As a professional athlete, competing in the category of Classic Bodybuilding, it is immensely important to have strong and highly developed quadriceps, to stand out in the line up in front of the judges. Subsequent i will show my quadriceps workout and will explain how to train them the best possible way. Read more…
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Wide shoulders signify strength and do characterize the image of the powerful male physique. Shoulders do shape the overall appearance of the v-shaped figure and do highlight a tiny waist. Shoulder muscles are also called deltoid muscles or delts. They make a significant impact, which can’t be hidden. So, we shouldn’t take them lightly. Read more…
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