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Running out of breakfast ideas

Running out of breakfast ideas? 

Try these recipes! 4 examples of easy-to-prepare breakfast. Good for bulking, lean bulking and getting shredded! I use them each morning and I got quite addicted.

»First of all:
What should my breakfast

Proteins! The most important thing in the morning is to get proteins back to your blood stream after a long night (over night you do produce GH). It helps you to regenerate your muscles and let them growth.

The best sources of protein in the morning are: Eggs – mid long chained amino-acids – stays in your blood stream for quite long time (2-4 hours). Whey Protein – high quality protein with highest biological value (100-110 – compairing to the meat – meat has around 90-95!) Whenever you are trying to lose weight, I do reccomend to get Isolate of Whey Protein (ISO 90) or Hydro DH32. Hydro is the fastest protein source of all sources – it is best to consume after you wake up, your hungry muscles will be filled as fast as possible. High quality protein sources can make your muscles look harder. Second fastest source of protein is Whey Protein Isolate. It is best clean source of protein without carbohydrates or fats.

Fats! Another important thing your breakfast should contain are: fats. Many people ask me: „Why should I eat fats? I want to stay lean!“. Well… fats are not just source of energy, they also provide essential functions in your body. For example: Fats are working like a precursor of most of hormons. Did you know, that our body uses cholesterol to make testosterone? And here is the answer: as fats works to create testosterone, it also helps you to stay lean as it is one of testosterone functions. You can’t and dont need to eat them in high amounts. But you need them. I recommend to eat them before excersising, after waking up and before going to the bed. You also need fats to dissolve vitamins A,D,E,K. Good fat sources are: eggs, avocado, nuts, oils.

Carbohydrates! Last thing your breakfast should contain are: carbohydrates. They aren’t so essential for your body, mostly they work as a source of energy – the fastes one. Carbs make your body produce insulin and insulin is one of most imporant anabolic hormones. So if you have had a hard workout, you should combine carbohydrates with proteins, so insulin may work with proteins and let them regenerate and growth your muscles easier. Good sources of carbohydrates are: oats, rice, pastas, potatoes, fruits, supplements: Mass Attack.

What you need:
3 eggs (I use 5 egg whites and 1 whole egg)
1 banana
50g of dry rice
Fresh or dried fruits
almond butter



First of all boil rice – I do reccomend to use jasmine rice. Meanwhile smash 1 banana with fork and put in eggs ( If you are in diet, you won’t need all the yolks and you can use more egg whites – each yolk may be replaced by egg white eg: 5 whites, 1 whole egg instead of 3 whole eggs). Mix properly. Put boiled rice on a your pan and let it heat. After that pour eggs and banana inside. Boil properly like a scrambled eggs. 

When it is done, put it on plate. Add some fruits and butter made of nuts (be careful when you want to stay lean). This is my most favourite breakfast recipe!

What you need:
40-100g oats (depends on your diet)
2 tablespoons of almond milk
1 scp of CFM 80 / ISO 90 protein
Teaspoon of peanut butter
Fresh fruits



First: boil water. Put the boiled water in your oats and let them soak it all. Next put in almond milk and protein powder and mix properly. After mixing you can put in some strawberries, blueberries, bannanas or apple with cinamon. And teaspoon of nut butter. Have a good meal!

What you need:
0-100g of oats
2 whole eggs (or 2 egg white)
1 scp of ISO 90 / CFM 80
Nut butter



Mix all those ingredients using blender and you will get pancake dough. You can make one big pancake or more smaller pancakes. As there is protein powder inside, they taste better than common ones! Now you an put nut butter on them. Enjoy the taste!

What you need:
Protein Pancake with Chia
28g protein per serve



Last and easiest breakfast recipe are SizeAndSymmetry pancakes. You just have to mix 2 scoops with 100-150 ml of water – dough and prepare them on dry non-stick pan. I do reccomend to use nut butter again! Wish you the best taste!

Thank you all for reading this and I hope you will enjoy the meals!

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