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Road to Elite Pro

In the beginning of this article I would like to say thank you to »Sizeandsymmetry Body Sport Nutrition«, for a whole year of support and trust. You took care of me, even when I have skipped one season and you trusted in me to achieve greater results. Even at a young age of 22 years. Thank you!

My story started 1 year ago, when I met my coach Miloš Šnajdr for the first time. He showed me new methods of training and he liked my mind set and ethic of work. “This will work great” I was thinking. This is the coach, who will make a great bodybuilder out of me. He had a lot of experience and knowledge. I found the right guy. So we started with gaining muscles. For the first time in my life, I have achieved a weight of 113 kg with about 10% of body fat. 113 kg? I just couldn’t believe it. I was so damn happy and etremely motivated, that I had no cheat meal for the whole month. I only had one cheat meal per month, even when I was in bulking season. I wanted to keep the quality of my muscles as much as possible.

In the beginning of my preparation I decided to try to get into the Slovak bodybuilding representation. But the coach of juniors told me, that I have small legs, a small chest and a very wide waist. So they did not choose me. I was thinking about what I’ve done wrong. Does it mean I cannot win anything this year? I was really demotivated. But I spoke to myself, that I will put everything that’s in my power to prove them WRONG! My diet began August 1st with a body weight of about 110 kg. We started really slowly. Without cardio in the beginning. Every week the intensity of our training was rising and the calories were falling. I knew, I had to put everything into those trainings, because it was the only thing I could control to look on stage as best as possible. Every training, every exercise, every set and every rep was done at 100%. When I had the feeling, that I could do better, I added one more set and one more rep. That was my mindset during this preparation.

Finally, it was here! One week to competition and I was motivated like never before. This was my debut in the IFBB federation and I chose to compete on the international competition in Czech Republic in Kladno (near Prague). I was not even thinking about the medal. I hoped for finals in both categories: bodybuilding juniors and men classic physique (in this category it was possible to win elite pro card). I have done my last trainings, which were the hardest trainings of my life, because I had no carbs and the intensity of training was as high as possible.

October 13th we traveled to Kladno. My official weight was 93,2 kilograms. I was so excited to stand on stage after one year. I knew I was going to enjoy it and show how hard I worked for my debut!

October 14th I walked on the stage at 11:00 and we started posing. It was the bodybuilding juniors’ category. I was happy when I was in the first call out, it meant I was in the finals. When they told me that I placed second I could not believe it. I was happy like never before. But during that time I did not even know what was waiting for me. For the second category I was competing in Men’s Classic Physique. In this category I didn’t have any expectations. Again I was in the first call out. When they were telling the results I was hoping that I will place at least on third place because of the prize money. But when they told the third place I was so surprised, because it was not my name. I was standing there with a guy of 116 kg and a height of 200 cm. His shape was absolutely perfect! But in the bottom of my heart, I was hoping that this could be the moment of winning the pro card. My hands were shaking like never before. And then it was said: I won the Pro Card!!! I looked to my coach in the backstage. He was on his knees. This was it. We worked so hard the whole year for this! And now we got it. When I came into the backstage area, I hugged my girlfriend and I have to admit, that I started crying like a little boy. All the emotions came up and I just couldn’t stop it.

This is the power of discipline! When you work your hard, results will come. Do not let anybody tell you, that you are not good enough!!! If they tell you, prove them that they are WRONG!

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