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Giuliano Mateas

Giuliano Mateas
IFBB Men’s Physique

Giuliano Mateas

Date of birth

December 05 1996

Place of Birth
Bulgarus, Romania

Current Residence

Colchester, UK

Body height
187 cm

Offseason / Contest Weight

94 kg / 90 kg

Men’s Physique



I was competitive from a very young age in everything I did. I always wanted to be the best. If there was one single prize, and more people going for it, the more I wanted it for myself. I am now chasing the Pro Card next year. I know that I can do it. If other people did it, I can do it too and I won’t stop until that Nr 1 spot is mine. I am also involved as a coach for others wanting to compete. I love motivating others with what I do. I feel the need to lead by example. I can’t expect excellence from someone else if I cannot expect it from myself.

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