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how to develop shoulders

Wide shoulders signify strength and do characterize the image of the powerful male physique. Shoulders do shape the overall appearance of the v-shaped figure and do highlight a tiny waist. Shoulder muscles are also called deltoid muscles or delts. They make a significant impact, which can’t be hidden. So, we shouldn’t take them lightly.

»The correct symmetry
and proportion of the deltoid
muscles is at the equal
development of all three

The most important deltoid muscle is for us the side that forms the most mass and gives the shoulders the appearance of width. We can load it up to the maximum! The correct symmetry and proportion of the delta muscles is at the maximum development of all three heads. Therefore, it is important to develop all three deltoid muscle heads!

Recommendations for your workout: 1. Find out, which exercises suits you. 2. Practice with lower weight. Do not drag weight with the help of other muscles! 3. To maximize symmetry, plan your training according to your weak deltoid part. 4. To get into stereotype, change exercises regularly!

I use 4 kinds of press exercises
to develop mass and strength:

Smith Machine Press
Military Press
Dumbbell Press
Barbell Press


You can do these exercises either standing or sitting. In each training I choose 2 of 4 press exercises and I perform them with a series of 5 and 6-12 repetitions. I use the pyramid system: I start with a light weight and finish the last series with the maximum weight. It is important to practice delta muscles with a wide grip. A wide grip will perform better delts, without involvement of the triceps.

I use 3 kinds of raise
exercises to develop mass
and strength:

Front Dumbbel Raise
Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise
One-Arm Side Laterals

There are three ways you can get started. These are isolated raise exercises for the front (anterior), the middle and the back (posterior) deltoid muscle. Each part will be practiced separately. Train hard and do not forget the feelings of the muscles, they will always tell you how good you were! Do not waste your time by talking to people, exercise your shoulders intensely, without unnecessarily long breaks.


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