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I think it is no surprise that almost 90% people in the gym do low intensity trainings, at least what I observed. In bodybuilding is »High Intensity« the key to success. You have to realize that you are not a powerlifter, but a bodybuilder. You have to stress your muscles as much as possible. Your goal is not to build strength as powerlifters with long breaks between sets. You want to build your muscles and that is what a lot of people don’t understand. They think that when they build strength they also improve muscles. That is not true. You can have 75 kilograms body weight and pull 250 kg on deadlift. So when you want to build your muscles, use longer pauses only in first exercise about 1-2 minutes, for example bench press, squat, deadlift, military press and only in gaining season. Other exercises you should turn off your brain and work hard and fast as possible. Of course with the correct technique.

»But! Do not forget about heavy weights.
You need to
stress your muscles
as much as

But! Do not forget about heavy weights. You need to stress your muscles as much as possible. When you take a small weight and just pump your muscles with high intensity it will have less effect than smashing it with heavy ass weights. As I observed, my muscles react to heavy sets with number of reps about 4-10. From beginning you will not be able to do this workout, but do not give up! Your body will adapt for this and from workout to workout you will be stronger and stronger and you will see your muscles are improving constantly to your workouts. Of course the pumping set as the last set is a great choice. For example you ended your first exercise on legs (squats) and now it is time to start the workout. You continue with leg press, where first four sets will be each about 6-12 reps and in the last (fifth) set you will decrease the weight about 40% and you will pump as hard as possible (usually about 20 reps). And you continue to another exercise with the same concept of sets.

The quality of your muscles depends on these two factors (high intensity and heavy weights). When you combine them, the results will be enormous. Week after week you will see your muscles are getting a great shape and hardness is also improving. The diet is definitely very important too, but about it in another article.

Every time I hear words high intensity, I think about Branch Warren and Johnie Jackson hitting legs in the Metroflex gym, Texas. Branch is my second favorite bodybuilder right after the great Ronnie Coleman. When I firstly saw the workout of “Quadrosaurus” on youtube I knew that is how it should looks like. Sweat, screaming and great motivation to his sparring partner Johnie Jackson was creating a great atmosphere in Metroflex gym. For this workout concept you also need a great mind set. When you do not have the mind set for this, you will not be able to do that. I really love the story about Branch and the tornado. It is a great example of will.

»The quality of your muscles depends on
those two factors: high intensity and
heavy weights.
When you combine them,
the results
will be enormous.«


Branch Warren: „It was in the spring, in Arlington Texas at the Metroflex gym. Lots of storms were happening. One day, the doors were open and the rain was coming down hard, it even turned to hail. The winds were nuts. Trash was flying through the parking lot. People started running to their cars and leaving. One of those big dumpsters in the parking lot just lifted into the air and flew across the yard. I was preparing for a competition and in the middle of a squat. I was just so focused. I had the weights on and everything so I was just like, ‘Fuck it!’ and I said, ‘I’m going to keep on lifting.’ You know, it’s like I always say, ‘I could care less if the world’s on fire, if I’m committed to something, I’m going to get it done.“ This is how your mind set should looks like when you want to achieve something! Martin Manovsky

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