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August 2019

August 2019

August 2019 »I am very competitive in anything I do. I always want to outwork myself and become the best. I need to feel concurence. I just love it and that’s what makes me progressing every day.«

July 2019 »In May 2019 my dream of earning a pro card came true. From this point I am more motivated than ever before and willing to compete in the PNBA pro devision!«

July 2019 »My progress is my motivation. In autumn 2019 i want to bring my best form on stage and to be better than ever before. That’s what i want to prove to myself.«

July 2019 »One year of hard work with discipline and a preparation at legendary Clox Fitness in Giessen brought me the titles of Vice Newcomer and Vice Hessen-Champion 2018. There is still space for further gains and i am hungry and motivated for 2019.«

July 2019

July 2019 »I’m very proud of my 2nd place at the IFBB Diamond Cup in Budapest this spring season! In fall I’m competing in classic bodybuilding category at the Superbody 2019 in Budapest. My big goal in the future is the pro card!«

June 2019

October 2018 »My story started 1 year ago, when I met my coach Miloš Šnajdr for the first time. He showed me new methods of training and he liked my mind set and ethic of work. This is the coach, who will make a great bodybuilder out of me.«


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