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Jens Riester

I’m 21 years old and living at the lake of Constance in Germany. At a really young age I started alpine ski races. This sport characterized my ambition for competitions. During my youth I tried a lot of different sports e.g. soccer, mountain biking or athletics. When I turned 16 I decided to go to the gym. The reason for this decision was, that I always wanted to be stronger and faster in athletics. I still remember the first time I went to the gym. My best friend and his dad, who is a former German national bodybuilding champion, took me there. 58kg was my bodyweight this time. During the first weeks I always trained with my best friend and his dad. To be together with motivated people and successful persons is the best you can do. And they really pushed me to achieve a lot in a really short time. After 4 1/2 years of training I decided to do my first competition in 2017. The German national championship of the GNBF was a great experience and pushed me further. I learned how to diet for a competition and how you need to adjust your mindset to win against yourself. Moreover, Fitness and Bodybuilding really helped me to reach goals and believe in them. Furthermore, I had the pleasure to meet a lot of great people and I’m thankful for that. 2018 I set the goal to compete in the junior bodybuilding class of the GNBF again and be better than last year. Jens Riester, GNBF Junior Bodybuilding Athlete

Jens Riester
Date of birth
December 22 1996
Place of birth
Junior Bodybuilding
Offseason Weight
90 kg
Contest Weight
74 kg
175 cm
Favorite Supplements
Whey Protein
Creatine (Creapure)
Omega 3
Vitamin D3
2017 GNBF German Championships
Junior Bodybuilding up to 75 kg
7th place (out of 20)
2018 ANBF Austrian Championships
Junior Bodybuilding
3rd place
2018 ANBF Austrian Championships
Men’s Bodybuilding up to 75 kg
3rd place
2018 GNBF German Championships
Junior Bodybuilding I
3rd place
2018 WNBF International Open Cup
Junior Bodybuilding
2nd place

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