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My name is Jan. I am 24 years old and I have been lifting weights for 7 years now. I study at secondary school for medical helpers – nutrition specialization. I started working out because my friends were excercising. At the begining, I didn’t know anything about this sport, I just came twice a week to the gym without any focus. After a few months I started seeing some results, so it made me feel more motivated and I wanted to move my self to a higher level. I was living my dream, going to the gym day by day, counting every meal, every rep… After that, IFBB came out with a new category called »Men’s Physique«. This was my new challenge. Participating at a competition. I am working in the largest local gym as a Personal Trainer. For preparation, I was in the gym from sunrise to sunset. I ended up with 4th and 3rd place. This made me even more motivated. I am looking forward to spring competitions 2018, where I want to end up 1st. In my opinion, everyone should make and follow big goals. Mine is to step on Mr. Olympia stage. Everything is achieveable, just belive in it. Jan Tyrk

Jan Tyrk
Date of birth
April 25 1993
Place of birth
Czech Republic
Current Residence
Czech Republic
Men’s Physique
Offseason Weight
95 kg
Contest Weight
83 kg
179 cm
Favorite Supplements
Hydro 80 DH32
Whey Protein CFM 80
Impact III
BCAA 8000
2017 IFBB Parners Cup
Men’s Physique
4th place
2017 IFBB Adele Cup
Men’s Physique
3rd place

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