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Advanced Arm Curls Workout

Seated arm curls. Standing arm curls. To many this is what arm curls exercise stand for. It’s not a secret if I let you know that we can do much more to our workout routine to make it more fun and entertaining. Apart of the biceps there is a small muscle called brachialis which is helping bend the elbows give the weight of the upper arms. We cannot work on that muscle separately but with the proper movement we can encourage to the upper arms’ dynamics and power.

1. Arm curls with TRX rope

Starting position: Stand facing the TRX rope. It’s important to squeeze your upper arm in front of your body. By curling your arm you’re using the weight of your body as a counterweight. The more closely you are standing to the rope the harder the exercise gets. This workout can be a nice finish for a biceps training.

2. Seated arm curls on pull-down machine

Sit down on a pull-down machine. We can either use a curl bar or a standard bar. It’s important to sit as close as possible to the pull-down machine. The body is tight during the whole exercise, it doesn’t move. Only the upper arms moves by curling our biceps. The movement finishes behind the head. We maximise our contracting in the biceps. Let’s do the movement slowly do not rush it, it’s easy to make a mistake by not paying attention to the moves.

3. Lying biceps curls

The following exercise is an excellent choice if you struggle with low back pain. It relieves tension on your back since it’s resting on the ground during the exercise. Starting position: lie in front of the cable machine. Grab the bar (preferably curl bar) and squeeze your elbow to the ground. From this point on the upper arm cannot move, keep it next to your body with muscles contracted.During the entire exercise you should keep your muscles contracted. The workout gives you an even pressure on your muscles. You can achieve a high contraction with this routine!

4. Smith machine arm curls

It’s an outstanding exercise going against everything we learned up until now in the previous arm routines. It is the opposite of the previous exercise. Up until now we held our arms in front of our body in the beginning of the routine. In this workout the movement of the arms start out pressed into your side and by pulling your elbows back your lift your arms in front of you swiping through your stomach. Worth doing this exercise on a Smith machine because the curve of your arm stays fixed and you only have to focus on the right movement of your arms.

5. Front hammer biceps curls

I have saved my personal favourite for last. You can stimulate the brachial in the right way with this routine. It’s important that the movement should happen in front of our body not as usual next to it. The arm of force being shorter by finishing the movement in front of our body we can use heavier weight. Starting position: grab two dumbbells, stand with your feet spread shoulder-width apart. By slightly dropping our shoulders forward and putting the dumbbells on top of our tight we start our movement. The upper arm doesn’t move, we only lifting the weight by moving our elbows to reach a high contraction. Tip: You can maximize the muscle pump if you train both sides separately.

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