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I started bodybuilding in 2011, at the age of 15. In the beginning it was nothing special. I just wanted to drop a little bit of body fat and achive sixpack abs. While looking around the internet to find workouts and nutrition plans, I saw what real boybuilders look like. From that moment I knew what I wanted to be. I started approaching my training and nutrition 100% serious. And with the first results I fell in love. In 2014 I started to compete as a Men’s Physique athlete. In 2017 I switched to Classic Bodybuilding and climbed my way to 6th place at the IFBB World Championship in juniors category. My goal is to become Overall winner at the IFBB Worlds and Arnold Classics. One day I want to become an IFBB professional bodybuilder. Sven Agic

Sven Agic

Date of birth
July 05 1996

Place of birth
Zagreb, Croatia

Current Residence

Favorite Supplements
Whey Isolate
Impact III

Offseason Weight
98-100 kg

Contest Weight
90-92 kg

184,5 cm

Junior Classic Bodybuilding


2017 IFBB Croatian Nationals
Classic Bodybuilding
3rd place

2017 IFBB European Championships
Junior Classic Bodybuilding
7th place

2017 IFBB Zagreb Open
Junior Classic Bodybuilding
1st place

2017 Maxximum Open
Junior Classic Bodybuilding
2nd place
Classic Bodybuilding
5th place

2017 IFBB Grand Prix Pepa
Classic Bodybuilding
5th place

2017 IFBB World Championships
Junior Classic Bodybuilding
6th place


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