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My name is David Zumer I am 22 years old and I come from Czech republic. Now I live in Nové Mesto nad Váhom where I mostly train. I also partly live in Brno where I currently study faculty of sport studies (Bachelor degree – fitness trainer) on Masaryk University and next year I will study master degree (faculty of sport studies – condition trainer). I have started with bodybuilding when I was 17 and that lifestyle caught me immediately. This year I had been preparing for my first ever competition which ended best as it could. I have won Championship of Moravia and Silesia and a week later I have also won Championship of Czech Republic. My biggest motivation is Ryan Terry who has for me the best aesthetics. But not only his body motivates me. I also love his positivity and his behaviour. Last years it was very difficult for me to combine bodybuilding with basketball. At that time I had been playing basketbal on high level but this year was my last because bodybuilding is everything for me. For next season I have determined big plans because now I have plenty time to prepare properly. David Zumer


David Zumer

Date of birth
January 26 1995

Place of birth
Novy Jicin
Czech Republic

Current Residence
Nove Mesto nad Vahom
Czech Republic

Favorite Supplements
Hydro 80 DH32
Whey CFM 80
BCAA 8000 Instant
Multivitamin Complex

Offseason: 85 kg
Contest: 72 kg

173 cm

Junior Men’s Physique


2017 IFBB Moravia and Silesia
Junior Championships
Men’s Physique
1st place + Overall winner

 2017 IFBB Czech Republic
Junior Championships
Men’s Physique
1st place


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